behind the reception at the swiss embassy and the visit of phase one at copenhagen

Invited by Profot AG and Phase One Ulrich god the possibility to travel to Copenhagen April 19th till 21st 2017 together with selected teachers of Swiss photographer classes from Swiss universities and chief editor Urs Tillmanns from the leading Swiss photography information source.

Switzerland in Copenhagen

Looking down town

Embassador welcomes the group

Light and shadow, tradition and contemporary

Switzerland in Denmark

Contemporary architecture expansion

Getting explanation and discussing

Swiss design and art

Swiss design and art

Swiss design

We god the opportunity to visit the new Swiss Embassy in Copenhagen and Ambassador Benedikt Wechsler who showed us a fantastic show of best Swiss design, art and craftsmanship in this from Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli styled house. An impressive way how our Swiss creativity is presented by this house and Ambassador Benedikt Wechsler in a country that is really mad about finest design and art. We all was deeply impressed and felt supported in our work.

Training with Phase One support

T”The Image Professor” gives tips on Capture One

Practicing with Alexander Flemming

Phase One tour (picture taken with permission of Phase One)

Obligate group picture (curtsy of Phase One)

The day after Phase One received us for an extensive training on her XF medium format platform and the Capture One software by the leaders of her international support team and the “Image Quality Professor” and Capture One developers leader. As well practicing with Phase One marketing specialist and active photographer Alexander Flemming found his place in this quiet impressing and intense day. Of course the obligate and very interesting company tour god us some “fitness training” as well, showing us every aspect of this high tech system mostly produced by hand in case of the small series and high precision and let us talk with all those specialist behind, from developing of hardware, design, software till repair, support, marketing and export. Following the Phase One tradition of being open, this day let us living and feeling this philosophy in any way.

A big thank you from Ulrich’s side to ProfotPhase One and the Swiss Embassy at Denmark and all the fantastic people behind for this impressive and informative days.

More pictures and a German coverage in of April 22nd 2017.

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